Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the Road

Last spring I went on a road trip from Florida to Los Angeles, and although I had been dreading crossing the country on the somewhat desolate I-10, something amazing happened. I removed my nose from the computer and television screens and noticed the world around me! We tried to immerse ourselves in the local culture when we could, attempting to blend in despite our Yankee accents and Southern California beach attire. But more important than getting away from the rat race, road tripping allowed me an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate my life.  By the time I got home, I was recharged.

So when my husband had to take his paintings to a solo exhibit in Washington State last week, I jumped at the chance to go with him. (Even though half the time I sound like a rock-star crazed, wanna-be groupie, I’m married to a great guy!)  In the 1200 miles we drove, I waited for something to happen –answers to the mysteries of life perhaps. Instead of transforming to a higher state of consciousness, I ate way too much junk food, lost sleep on uncomfortable hotel mattresses and pulled a muscle in my back. While we did get to appreciate some homegrown scenery (see pic), I am still waiting for enlightenment. Maybe it will come when I least expect it. I hope so.

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